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Tradition in diamond, sapphire and pearls

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A family that has been trading precious gems for generations and a daughter who has been fascinated by stones and shells on the beach or elsewhere, that is La Libelle, a passion for gems that you will retrieve in all of our collections.

Tradition and experience

About us

Business owner Bellaali Hayat phrases it as follows: “In our store you will receive an answer to all your
questions and you can take your time to decide about the purchase of a jewel. Our collections will charm you. You will undoubtedly find a jewel that makes you sparkle. Your satisfaction is therefore our most important concern.”

Creating jewellery is all about passion and spending a lot of attention to craftsmanship in order to establish jewellery with contemporary but also timeless designs that suits every woman. La Libelle stands for quality and states that craftsmanship remains mastery, especially when manufacturing jewels. Together with you we will look for the jewel that is suitable for you, we want to find a solution to your question, we are there for you. Those are our roots, that is also the tradition of La Libelle.

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You are most welcome in our lovely and delightful store in Brasschaat. There, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for. You can make the right choice, fit for you, in a peaceful and quiet environment. Do you have any questions?